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RUS Indexing

Rise Up Singing includes six different indices so it's easy to find the songs you are looking for or need for a particular occasion.

Artist Index: Lists songs written by, covered by or otherwise associated with a particular artist like the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Peter Paul & Mary, or Pete Seeger. (Note: Because of space limitations, this artist index does not include all composers. Artists with only one song in the book are not included. A more complete artist index is being posted on this website in the not distant future.)

Culture Index: Enables you to find songs in a given language or from a given country. Also lists songs from film, classical music sources, and certain events like the Spanish Civil War.

Holiday Index: Find songs associated with Christmas, Passover, Thanksgiving, etc.

Musicals Index: Songs are grouped by individual Broadway shows

Subject Index: Identfies which the chapter where you are most likely to find songs on a given topic or subject. Great for teachers, workshop leaders, etc.

Title Index: Lists songs by title, alternative title, and first line.

In addition to these indices, there is a special listing at the end of each chapter that provides you with a list of other songs that are similar to the content of that chapter - i.e. that have a similar subject matter or song genre to that chapter.

ONLINE SONG DATABASE. In addition to the indices in the book itself, this website will soon include a searchable database that will enable you to find links to tunes (usually in Youtube), background information on songs (often in Wikipedia and/or Mudcat Cafe), songwriter's websites, translations, alternate lyrics and more. We welcome volunteers to help us build this new database.

You'll never have a problem finding the songs you know in the book!

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