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Song Lists in Rise Up Singing

Two songlists for Rise Up Singing are posted here:

  • by Song title (as songs appear in the Title Index of the book)
  • by Chapter and Title (i.e. in the order that the songs actually appear in the book)

You can search for individual songs in the songbook by title, song genre (e.g. blues, composed folk), and culture (languages, ethnicity, etc.) in our online song search area

To find lists by artist (those who composed songs as well as those who have performed and recorded it), search by the name of the artist in the search box on upper right corner of each page. If this doesn't work, search for a specific song by that artist and then click on the name of the artist under the "composed by" field on the song page or under "song videos" for that song.

You can find similar songlists of the songs in our second singalong collection Rise Again here.

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