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Seeger Links

Appleseed Recordings - They created the 3 volume "Songs of Pete Seeger" series in which leading artists from Bonnie Raitt to Bruce Springsteen recorded songs written by Pete. They also issued Pete's last 3 studio recordings, including "A More Perfect Union" (with Lorre Wyatt) and Grammy winers "At 89" and "Tomorrow's Children".  Appleseed is the premier source for progressive folk music with recordings from Charlie King & Karen Brandow, Magpie, Dick Gaughan, Eric Andersen, and many other leading folk musicians.  (Founded by Jim Musselman, an activist lawyer who was originally a Nader's Raider and helped negotiate the Easter peace accord in Northern Ireland.)

Smithsonian Folkways carries scores of Seeger recordings in their catalog.  In addition, any original Seeger LP can be created as a custom CD with the original LP liner notes - such as their historic 1941 "Talking Union" recording by the Almanac Singers and also "God Bless the Grass" - his best environmental recording.

Mo Asch ran the iconic Folkways Records company from its founding in 1948 until his death in 1986.  He had Pete create the American Favorite Ballads series (now available as a 5 CD box set), sitting for many days in front of a mic with a guitar or banjo to record nearly 150 traditional songs.  Smithsonian Folkways' CD catalog includes many of Pete's greatest recordings including the "Complete Bowdoin College Concert", "Abiyoyo & Other Stories" and the "Songs of the Spanish Civil War" (which includes Pete's 1943 "Six Songs for Democracy" recording). They will be releasing a new book and 6 CD set this spring to celebrate Pete's 100th anniversary.

Check out their huge list of Pete Seeger titlesFolkways website  Phone: 1-888-FOLKWAYS

Clearwater - This is the environmental organization that Pete & Toshi founded in 1969 to clean up the Hudson River. They have an annual folk festival in June every year to raise money for the organization. Toshi was the artistic director of the festival for many years.

Labor Heritage Foundation carries forward Pete's commitment to the labor movement and its music. They hold an annual Great Labor Arts Exchange every June. The also issue an annual "Joe Hill" award to a musician that is making a major contribution to labor song.

Peoples Music Network supports progressive music in the US and Canada. They hold networking gatherings twice a year. Pete frequently attended these gatherings. PMN has a strong emphasis on encouraging people of color and young people to be involved in the network and attend their gatherings. Their Matt Jones Scholarship Fund helps make this possible.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive keeps alive the memory of the contributions of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the struggle against fascism during the Spanish Civil War. Pete recorded "Six Songs for Democracy" in 1943 - songs of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Pete knew many veterans of the brigade and was a strong supporter of the archive during his life. 

Pete Seeger's 2009 "Think Globally, Act Locally Concert" held in 2009 in Hasstings on Hudson with a local children's choir. The concert is also available on Spotify and Amazon Music

Pete Seeger Appreciation Page (www.peteseeger.net)  - The late Jim Capaldi developed a terrific rich site with biography, discography, bibliography, photos, etc. Unfortunately his daugher has been unable so far to carry out her intention to keep the site going and it currently appears to be off line. Information is at the Pete Seeger Appreciation Page on Facebook. We hope the original wonderful site can be revivied.