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Rise Again

words & chords to 1200 more songs
from Annie Patterson & Peter Blood
the creators of Rise Up Singing


Note: We have just learned that our publisher Hal Leonard increased the list prices on this book sharply in the spring. They tell us that there have been huge price increases in their printing costs. The list price for this book is now $34.95 for the 7.5x10 format and $39.95 for the 9x12 format. We are going to ease the transition some by charging $29.95 & 34.95 at this time, but we will need to increase our own prices to the full list prices later this fall. (The higher prices are already being charged on Amazon & on Hal Leonard's websites.) We appreciate your understanding.

After many years of planning and three years of full-time work by many hands, this sequel to Rise Up Singing was published by Hal Leonard in 2015. The format is the same as the one used in Rise Up Singing but Rise Again contains 1200 additional different songs from those in Rise Up Singing

See the list of songs in the new book!

Don't know many of the songs? We have a songpage for every song in this book on this website where you can listen to videos of the song and learn the melody. Check out "The Music Box" (our online song database) at www.riseupandsing.org/songs/music-box

Learn more about the book's format, layout & illustration. You can read here Pete Seeger's preface to the new book.

Read about the history of the new book and Pete Seeger's role in the book.

Find out about the many "Rise Again" concerts that have been held celebrating the release of the new book. In many cases other artists who have songs in the new book have joined the book's creators, Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, in these concerts.

Have a singalong group? Or sing in your faith congregation, school or other setting? Order Rise Again by the carton. — Note: Because we have always discounted 40% off list price on full box orders, we need to charge based on the new large increase we have to pay for books ourselves. This is still only $21 on the small book and $24 on the large book.  We appreciate your understanding.