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Annie Patterson Recordings

"Fearless: Celebrating Women Singers" in collaboration with Mary Witt has just been released! BUY NOW

"Step by Step" - with Charlie King (2019)  BUY NOW

Many of the tracks were recorded at a concert held on Oct 7th in Leverett. 17 tracks altogether including 4 songs by Pete Seeger to held celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of his birth. 

"Make Your Move" - Annie's 1st solo jazz/blues CD (2018)  BUY NOW

Annie's first jazz/blues solo recording! This 4 song EP is only $6. The EP includes "Isn't It a Lovely Day", "Here in My Arms", "Never Make Your Move Too Soon" and "Slow Boat to China". Annie has been singing jazz for over 30 years with her band Girls from Mars - but this is her first solo recording. Accompanied by outstanding side musicians on bass, piano, sax, and guitar and produced by the fabulous Mary Witt of The O-Tones.  

Return to Planet Swing with Girls from Mars  (2017)

Annie's jazz trio released a great new jazz recording, a sequel to their earlier "Planet Swing" CD. Annie has sung with the swing trio Girls from Mars (Big Nite Out in its earlier incarnation) for over 30 years. Check out their website for calendar updates on their upcoming tours.


Mountain Side (2012) was produced by Jim Henry and includes vocals by The Nields, Tracy Grammer, Mary Witt, & Claire Taylor.  Contains 13 of Annie's favorite songs out of Rise Up Singing including songs by Jean Ritchie, Si Kahn, Pete Seeger, and Michael Smith. (If you prefer to order mp3 files: Mountain Side downloads from CDBaby)

Meet Me by the Moonlight (2005) includes banjo tunes, 2 of Annie's own compositions, a stunning a capella rendition of "Bonnie Light Horseman" and a round, The Creation of Eä, with lyrics from a poem by Ursula LeGuin.  (Meet Me by the Moonlight downloads from CDBaby.)

Deep Roots (1995). Thousands of Annie's fans love this first recording of Annie's for its song selection, simplicity and beautiful arrangements. It features Annie singing alone and accompanying herself on banjo and guitar. (Sometimes "less" is much more!) Originally issued on cassette, "Deep Roots" was recently re-issued on CD.

Shine (2017) was created for the Mennonite/Brethren (Christian) program called Shine. This CD is a 30-track collection of religious education songs for young children about peace, diversity, faith, gratitude, and building community which Annie produced. She is also one of several featured vocalists on this recording. Vocals are accompanied by a wide variety of string and percussion instruments. The Shine Curriculum organization designs religious education programs and puts out a CD and Sunday school curriculum every 2 years. 

This CD includes "De Colores", "All God's Critters", Magpie's "Give Light", "Peace Like a River", and a number of lively easy to learn songs from Africa and Latin America. Note: Many songs have Christian content.


Planet Swing (1995) This CD by Annie's swing band, Girls From Mars includes swing dance favorites like It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Straighten Up and Fly Right.

Hep Cat Holiday (cassette) We are working on putting this recording on CD! If you'd like to help us do this send us an email: rasongbook@gmail.com

More information on Girls from Mars.

You can listen to Annie's folk recordings via a playlist on our Youtube channel.

Annie also produced the Rise Up Singing teaching disc series and is the vocalist on the majority of these CDs.

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If you would like to buy Annie's swing CDs, write us by clicking on contact and choose the category "Store" or email orders@riseupandsing.org.
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