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Song Resources

NEED HELP? Here are many different resources to help you use our songbooks more effectively in a wide variety of settings.

 "The Music Box" - This is an easy-to-use searchable online database which provides audio links & a wealth of additional information for over 2500 songs - including all the songs in our three songbooks, Rise Up SingingRise Again, and If I Had a Hammer.  Its newest feature is an ARTIST SEARCH PAGE. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates as this database develops new features.

ALSO - Learn how to:

We've learned with Rise Up Singing & Rise Again that you can't create a book with this many songs without having pesky mistakes sneek in. Some corrections are listed on our Rise Again corrections page. If you find mistakes in Rise Again, please email them to us at correx@riseupandsing.org. We are enter corrections as we discover/receive them in a spreadsheet for future printings of the songbook. THANKS for your patience and remember, we encourage you to write in your songbook, change up the chords, make notes for yourself...make the book your own! - Annie & Peter