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Open Hearted Studio

Vocal Coaching with Annie

Teaching vocal techniques in a calm and accepting environment is a fundamental part of my vocal coaching. I meet you where you are. Together, we develop goals and a schedule that works for you and your lifestyle. 

Using mindfulness techniques, I help my students work with breath, teaching jaw and facial relaxation tools, diaphragm support as well as warm-up techniques. These help strengthen the voice, your vocal flexibility, range, and pitch. 

But I believe that deepening the heart connection with our voice and with what we sing is just as important. This is where the intersection of music and joy lives. I love to explore this with my students, using singing to lighten our burdens and restore our bodies and hearts.

If this sounds right for you let’s set up a session! email Annie

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Annie has studied voice throughout her singing career, most notably with Frank Baker and Laurel Massé (a founding member of The Manhattan Transfer). She has toured widely, performing onstage with Pete Seeger, Emma’s Revolution, Kim & Reggie Harris, Katherine Wheatley, James Keelaghan, Joe Jencks, and many other well loved musicians including her swing band Girls From Mars.

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