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Teaching Discs for Rise Up Singing

These CDs are designed to teach the tunes to all the songs in Rise Up Singing. Each CD contains all the songs in one or (in most cases) two chapters of the book. Renditions are simple and easy to follow. Note: for reasons of space (there are 50-80 tracks on each CD), only enough of the song is included to learn it (i.e. the song often fades after a couple of verses). More info

You can CDs individually and in a full set of 20 CDs which covers all 1200 song in the book.*

You can either:

  • Buy individual CDs for $15 each
  • Buy 5 or more CDs for $12 each - by using our 20% off coupon for 5 or more items in our store at checkout. 
  • Or you can Buy the full set of 20 CDs which covers all 1200 song in the book for $200 - only $10 per CD. (Note that orders for the full set of 20 teaching discs do NOT qualify for the 20% discount.)

A track list of the CDs is available below as a pdf (Acrobat) file. If you would like this track list as an Excel spreadsheet, write us at info@riseupandsing.org.

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