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About the Teaching Disks

People often ask us how they can learn the tunes to all the songs you don't know in Rise Up Singing. The best way is to learn them from others. (See the webpage of singalongs.) Another great way is to buy CDs and songbooks from the artists who wrote the songs.

To help people learn the tunes in the book, Annie spent 3 years producing & recording every song in Rise Up Singing. The result is the Rise Up Singing Teaching Discs - an easy way to learn any song in our songbook.

Content. These "Teaching Discs" contain the tunes to all the songs in a given chapter (or in most cases two chapters), in the same order as they appear in the songbook.

How much of each song? Each CD contains 50 to 80 tracks. For reasons of space, the track will often not include all the verses to the song - but tracks always include every part of the song you need to learn it (includiing chorus, any introduction or bridges and other significant variations in the melody).

Renditions. Each CD uses simple vocals with instrumental accompaniment of each song. Songs are easy to play and sing along with using the book. Where applicable the vocalist tells you how many frets to capo up the song in order to play along (if it is different than what is indicated in the book).

Musicians. Annie Patterson sings on the majority of chapters, accompanied by Wendi Bourne, the guitarist of Girls from Mars. Other case CDs uses fine guest artists with special expertise in the material in that chapter including John McCutcheon, Kim & Reggie Harris, Pat Humphries, Magpie, Tom Juravich, John Roberts and others.

Tracks list.  A track list of the CDs is available below as a pdf (Acrobat) file. If you would like this track list as an Excel spreadsheet, write us at info@riseupandsing.org.
RUS Teaching Disc track list

Each CD covers either one or (in most cases) two chapters from Rise Up Singing.

You can:

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