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Content and Layout of Songbooks

Rise Up Singing (as well as our new book Rise Again) is laid out in a completely unique way.  The books contain lyrics & chords only in a compact format - making it possible to get easy access to 1200 songs in under 300 pages.

The songbook is designed for the lay musician to sing and play songs easily.

It is full of resources to help you locate quickly & easily specific songs you know and are looking for - or find new songs you may not know yet by a given artist you like or on a subject you are interested in.

See the following pages that describe features of the book with sample views of pages.

Table of Contents - how songs are grouped in chapters to make finding them easy!

Layout of songs - How the lyrics & chords of songs are laid out on pages

Rounds  (unlike the majority of songs these includes music)

The many indices in the book to help you find specific songs you're looking for by title, subject, artist, Broadway show, etc.


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