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Songs about Rich & Poor

This is a page showing some ways to help you find songs about issues of economic justice, wealth, and poverty in our songbooks. Most of these are in the chapter called "Rich & Poor", which can be found in both songbooks.

Here are some of our favorite songs in the Rich & Poor chapter in Rise Again:

See also the Rise Again chapters on Farm & PrairieWork, and Struggle. Here are a few of our favorite songs on this subject in other chapters of Rise Again: 

Here are some of our favorites in the Rich & Poor chapter of Rise Up Singing:

Here are some great songs on this subject in the City chapter of Rise Up Singing:

See also the chapters on Farm & Prairie and the one on Work. Here are a few other of our favorites on this subject found in other chapters of Rise Up Singing:

Finally, here are some songs on this subject outside of our songbooks: