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Labor Songs

You can find union songs and other songs about the work experience in the "Work" chapter of each book.

Labor songs in Rise Up Singing:  www.riseupandsing.org/songbook/rise-up-singing/work

Other songs about work in Rise Up Singing: Hard Travelin', Step by Step, Bread & Roses, I'm Gonna Be an Engineer

See also the "Farm & Prairie" chapter for songs about migrant workers, "Mountain Voices" for songs about miners, "Sea" for sailors' labor issues.

Labor songs in Rise Againwww.riseupandsing.org/songbook/rise-again/work

Other songs in Rise Again: Annie, Between the Wars, Bells of Rhymney, The Corporate Welfare Song, Leaving Eden, Rich Man's House, Rolling Home, World in Their Pocket, Pay Me My Money Down, Shawneetown

Some of our favorite labor songs include:'

It turns out that these are also among Bernie Sanders' favorite! Check out his 20 minute video "Bernie Sanders Top Labor Songs". All of his top songs are on the above list except Solidarity Forever and Talking Union. t

Labor Heritage Foundation has been celebrating labor song and supporting use of music by unions today for many years. They host a Great Labor Arts Exchange every June and many other projects the DC Labor Chorus and an annual Joe Hill Award to a labor singer songwriter. Check them out at laborheritage.org!

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