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Praise for our songbooks

"Can't wait to see the new books. Makes coming home a little exciting. I'm a primitive ecologist, listening to the land, getting in tune, like a guitar. Playing the guitar and sharing songs helps me to be more in tune with nature. It's all connected. Appreciate the work you share to help me grow. Many blessings!" - Joshua in Missouri

"My box of treasures [songbooks & CDs] arrived a bit ago, but I just was able to steal the time to open it and couldn't be happier. My own parents are now visiting from Arizona, and it was very special to be able to open them all together and start singing! Thank you again for all you do. Can't wait to introduce [my newborn son] Walden to these songs!" - Jeremy E from Wisconsin

"I have spent many happy hours singing and playing at ECRS, the Folk Factory, and elsewhere using both your books. (Actually all three, starting with Winds of the People.)  By the way, I have told this to other people, but this seems like a good chance to tell you - I have played the ukulele for a few years now, and, like many people, I have my own binder of lyrics/chords sheets that I like to play from. In the pre-Rise Again days, I'd always check Rise Up Singing to see if that song was in it, and if so, make a note of the page number and the key.  There were quite a few songs that I liked to play that weren't in RUS. (Some that came out since then, and others that just didn't make it in.)  I was both delighted and impressed that almost every one of those favorites in my binder did show up in Rise Again! So thanks!" - Debbie K

"I love your books. When my family would go on car trips, when I was a kid, we would sing songs together out of Rise Up Singing. My favorite one was always "I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag" - at age 5 I didn’t really understand what it was about, though my dad tried to explain it...anyways, thanks for influencing my life in a very positive way."  - Brittany S

"Thank you!! We all love Rise Up Singing. For a music teacher and group singing leader it is an essential part of my tool kit. You have to know that in the four schools I taught in I ordered enough for entire classes to have in their hands. And over many years I ordered cartons for my singing groups. And one year all my holiday people i shop for got their own copy for presents." - Nancy C (school teacher)

"We have used RUS since it came out.  Faith Petric, our fearless leader and president died at 98 a few years back.  She used to order in bulk and resell at cost to get them into the hands of folkies.  I did that myself some and again when Rise Again came out.  We put on the San Francisco Free Folk Festival and the El Cerrito Free Folk Festival and have song swaps, camp outs and camp ins and other events.  Other folkies and I have lead many workshops over the years based on these songbooks." - Ed Hilton, President, San Francisco Folk Music Society

"I decided I want both books. We had such fun with the first one when my kids were younger, and, later on, in our local library, singing as a group when we could do that. (We will again.) Now, I will introduce grandchildren to the songs we loved, along with their parents, and anyone else we can snag. Thanks for putting them together!" Kate, NH