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Praise for Annie's Performing

Annie Patterson is one of the true lights in my universe. Her expressive voice and sparkling presence makes every song she touches come alive. Her musicality and her commitment to sharing the magic and the power of song makes her the real deal. I’m a big fan.

It isn't enough that Annie Patterson co-edited two of the most popular songbooks in history (Rise Up Singing and Rise Again).  She is also a compelling performer with  a passion for singing songs of hope, love and justice.  She can sing jazz standards or songs from the folk repertoire, with enthusiasm that can make the meekest singer join in on the chorus. Her musicianship, dynamic presence and commitment to making the world better through song ring out with every note she sings.

Annie Patterson has a special quality in her musicianship. She is not only a very talented singer and instrumentalist, but she is also a wonderful group singing leader! She can bring a room of diverse people together with music and social justice causes. Her passion for the words and music infiltrate anyone’s soul who is present. Annie’s gorgeous voice and dynamic personality are magnetic to people of all ages and backgrounds. A true troubadour and community leader!

Annie Patterson has a rare voice that spreads hope, stirs your soul and makes you glad to be working together for a better world. Her music keeps echoing inside -- she is not to be missed.

Annie has a voice that simply invites me to join the singing, a spirit that lights up the room, a song list that just goes on and on, and a conviction for peace and justice that inspires us to action.  So come on and sing, and be prepared to rise up!

Annie's voice absolutely melts my heart, and she has a knack for finding and singing the kind of songs you want to listen to over and over, send to your friends, play for your kids or grandkids...

Annie Patterson is the real deal—an activist who can really sing, a singer who is really an activist, and a song leader extraordinaire.  I always leave Annie Patterson concerts and singalongs believing that we can not only fight the good fight, but win the good fight too.  Annie’s voice is beautiful, she is inviting and urges us all to sing with her, and her infectious, bubbly presence lifts all our spirits.  If you get a chance to hear Annie perform, or attend a sing-along, grab the opportunity!! Annie is good for our souls and our social change movements!

  • Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian, Founder and Director, Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership www.truthschool.org

Having known Annie for decades, I can say with authority that she is a brilliant and wildly versatile singer, whose excitement about music shines through every note. She truly listens to every word she sings. Her stage presence is infectious; she could get a roomful of store mannequins to break out in song. Annie is a performer of stellar technique but deep warmth, and on top of that she has a lovely, lively sense of humor. Toss in a sincere but not overstated sense of social justice, and you have the incredible Annie Patterson.

Annie Patterson is a warm, passionate and dedicated performer bringing her special brand of music which opens doors into equality, justice and humanity. Go hear her sing, play and share her rich message of hope.

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