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Song Pages and Searches

These pages show:

  • where to find the song in our books (book, chapter, page #) - if it's in Rise Up Singing or Rise Again
  • one of more YouTube links where you can listen to the song
  • who composed the song (with links to their artist pages so you can see other songs composed or recorded by that artist)
  • the song genre and culture of the song
  • links to online information on the song (on Wikipedia, Mudcat Cafe, etc.) 

The song search page enables you to find songs by:

  • song title or first line
  • "culture" (which means by language, religion, ethnicity, etc.)
  • song genre (e.g. composed folk, traditional folk, blues, country, and various kinds of popular music)

We will be adding searches in the future by "show" (musical, film, TV) and topic/subject.

Note: you can often do a quick search for a song title using the search box (magnifying glass) in the upper right hand corner of any page. 

The search currently does not seem to work for apostrophes and some other symbols. You don't have to enter the all of a title so focus on fewer words if possible.