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Workshop on Communal Singing

We are taking part in a workshop at the Peoples Music Network Winter Convergence online gathering. The gathering is taking place the final weekend in January. Info & registration is at: peoplesmusic.org

The workshop we're organizing will take place on Saturday, January 30, 2021 from 4:15-6:00 ET / 1:15-3:00 PT.

The discussion will be led by a panel of experienced activist songleaders including:

  • Melanie DeMore is a singer songwriter, activist, and leads group singing workshops.
  • Lea Gilmore leads communal singing at regular (now online) community sings, at all her concerts, and at the church where she is music director.
  • Jane Sapp is a nationally celebrated cultural worker, educator, singer songwriter, and activist whose transformation work is rooted in African American music. 
  • Sandy O & Pat Humphries of Emma's Revolution have performed & led singing at hundreds of rallies & political gatherings. They regularly lead audiences in song at their concerts.
  • Aileen Vance is a singer, songwriter and performer, as well as a choral director (of the Santa Cruz Peace Chorale). She regularly leads community singing in both concert and street corner settings. She has been leading monthly virtual community song circles during the pandemic.
  • Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, the creators of Rise Up Singing and Rise Again group singing songbooks, have led singing at hundreds of singalong concerts - and have specific techniques for facilitating "singing along from home" at online concerts.

"Planet Survival & Communal Singing" 
Pete Seeger often talked about his belief that if there is still a human race in a hundred years one of the main reasons will be that we found ways to sing together. We’ll explore ways we get people singing with each other:

  • on rallies & picket lines,
  • in community & labor choruses,
  • at monthly singalongs,
  • at organizing meetings, in faith communities, and
  • in schools & camps

We’ll share ways we’ve learned to maximize the impact on hearts & minds of those involved. This will be an interactive workshop with a focus on the practical, concrete ways to make communal singing bringing people together including:

  • choice of songs (zippers, lining out)
  • getting people singing at rallies, picket lines, and political meetings
  • arrangement of seating
  • songleading skills
  • staying connected & singing together during the pandemic
Jan 30 2021 - 4:15pm to 6:00pm
(online gathering via Zoom)
United States
Peter Blood
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