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Annie Patterson

Primary Song Genres: 

Annie Patterson is a singer songwriter and jazz vocalist living in Amherst MA. She plays clawhammer style banjo and guitar. She and her husband Peter Blood are the creators of the songbooks Rise Up Singing & Rise Again.

Wikipedia article on Rise Again: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rise_Again_(songbook)

Song Videos

All the Weary Mothers of the Earth RUS: Hope p. 114
Aragon Mill RUS: Work p. 252
Black Is the Color RUS: Ballads p. 8
Bonnie LIght Horseman RA: Peace p. 198
Bountiful river RA: Healing p. 119
Bright Morning Stars RUS: Mountain p. 143
The Christmas Song
The Cruel War Is Raging RUS: Peace p. 159
Do You Love an Apple RUS: Love p. 122
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down RA: Blues p. 10
Safe from harm RA: Ballads p. 3
For Your Dignity
A Garden of My Own RA: Time p. 270
God Bless the Grass RUS: Ecology p. 35
Gone, Gonna Rise Again RUS: Time p. 223
He's Flying Now
I Am a Wanderer RA: Travel p. 279
I Have Seen Freedom Being Born
I stand for love RA: Hope p. 135
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
In My Bones RA: Earthcare p. 44
It's a hard life wherever you go RA: Rich p. 224
It's a pleasure to know you RA: Friendship p. 86
It's nobody's fault but mine RA: Blues p. 12
The L and N Don't Stop Here Anymore RUS: Mountain p. 147
Lady of the season's laughter RA: Faith p. 56
More Than Enough RA: Rich p. 226
My roots go down RA: Earthcare p. 48
Never Make Your Move Too Soon
Never One Thing
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down RUS: America p. 3
Now Is the Cool of the Day RUS: Ecology p. 36
O Had I a Golden Thread RUS: Dreams p. 31
Old Devil Time RUS: Unity p. 241
On a slow boat to China RA: Jazz p. 145
Orphan girl RA: Oldtime p. 189
Pastures of Plenty RUS: Farm p. 55
Psalm 91 RA: Faith p. 58
Quite Early Morning RA: Peace p. 207
Red Is the Rose RUS: Love p. 127
Red rocking chair RA: Oldtime p. 189
Shady Grove RUS: Mountain p. 149
Shuttle & Loom
Something Inside So Strong RA: Freedom p. 81
Somewhere to Begin RA: Hope p. 139
Song for Judith RUS: Friendship p. 67
Sonny's Dream RA: Seas p. 242
Spoon River RUS: America p. 4
Step by Step RUS: Unity p. 242
Watts Cradle Song
What's That I Hear RUS: Struggle p. 220
When the Ship Comes In RUS: Struggle p. 220
Which Side Are You On? (Reece) RUS: Work p. 260
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot? RUS: Ballads p. 15
Best Concrete