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What to expect at our singalong concerts

What happens at our singalong concerts? Our singalong concerts are more like a regular concert but have a strong singalong and audience participation component.  We get folks singing! You'll learn some new songs at our concerts and get to sing several favorite songs with easy choruses throughout the concert. We encourage you to sing but it's okay to be a shy singer! In fact, it doesn't matter if you think of yourself as a singer or not - there is room for everyone at our shows. Sometimes we tour together and sometimes Annie tours on her own. If you plan to attend one of our concerts or would like to organize a "Singalong Concert" then here are a few things you can expect:
  • When you come to one of our shows you will be loaned a Rise Again songbook and encouraged to sit up front so we can all hear each other sing! 
  • Did you know that Rise Again has 1200 different songs in it than Rise Up Singing? We really like helping folks realize that they really do know a bunch of the songs in our new songbook! We sometimes include a couple favorites from Rise Up Singing at our shows, as well, so feel free to bring your copy with you to the show!
  • Usually, our concerts have 2 sets with an intermission in between but this is flexible. During the intermission we sell our songbooks and other merchandise like t-shirts, Seeger cds and Annie's jazz and folk recordings. 
  • Back in the day (at our early Rise Up Singing concerts) we would take requests from the audience during the show. We stopped doing that several years before Rise Again came out. Instead, we choose the songs for our setlist ahead of time. We tailor our shows to the particular audience or benefit we might be doing. We may create a show using different themes and often lead and teach songs that support social justice issues. 
  • We support local music and like to announce about any local singing events and/or any regular sing along groups, community choruses, etc. 
  • We like to ask for a sliding scale at our concerts. However, certain venues will have set pricing already in place.
  • If you are interested in organizing an event with us we will be happy to talk with you. We've helped organizers with a wide range of experience put on highly successful shows. Our music work has helped raise consciousness and money for many important causes over the years.
  • Annie plays acoustic guitar, old timey banjo, cajón and djembe. Peter plays fiddle and acoustic guitar.
  • This is how we support ourselves. We are full time musicians and members of AFM Local 1000 (Traveling Musicians' Union). We expect to be paid for our music work and our travel expenses. Thank you for supporting live music!

Our work with Pete Seeger: We find that folks at our concerts often feel a deep connection with Pete and Toshi Seeger. Pete's music inspired hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. The Seegers spent their lives working for peace and justice and supported many important projects over the years.  Pete and Toshi were big supporters of our songbook work, as well. Pete asked Peter to edited his autobiography Where Have All the Flowers Gone.  Peter also collaborated with Pete on other projects, as well. We like to remember the amazing work they both did and continue to feel inspired by them every day!

Private events & workshops: We've done countless private events (sing alongs for birthdays, anniversaries, schools, weddings, music workshops and parties). Annie also sings in a wonderful jazz trio and performs as a solo vocalist with a host of incredible jazz musicians, as well. Please contact us with any questions.

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