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Friends of Color

This is the temporary location of a page with information about Friends of Color - that is Black and other Quakers not of European descent. If you wish to make additions or corrections to this page, please email me (Peter Blood) at inwardlight1@gmail.com.




  • Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806)   wiki  Philadephia YM article 
    He attended a Quaker school, was close to a Quaker family, admired Quaker beliefs & worship & frequently attended meeting.
  • Sojourner Truth (1799-1883)   wiki   article on relation with Progressive Friends
    After slavery was abolished in NY state she took refuge with a Quaker Van Wagener family, who bought her from her owner in order to free her. She took their name (Isabella Van Wagener) before she was told by God to take the Name Sojourner Truth. She was close to the Progressive Friends in PA
    “We know that she often adopted Quaker dress, choosing not to be portrayed as an object of pity.”
  • Sarah Mapps Douglass (1806-1882) Friends Journal article  wiki 
    painter, abolitionist, educator - descendent of Cyrus Bustill. Frequent attender at Phila meetings - forced to sit on “Black bench” 
  • Vincent Harding (1931-2014)   wiki  - closely involved with Pendle Hill including 2 years of staff
  • Howard Thurman (1899-1981) He studied under Rufus Jones. He was close to and had a major impact on many Quakers, includingWilmer Cooper & Louise Wilson.
    wiki   Quaker Religious Thought article on "Thurman & the Quakers"    
    ”Backs Against the Wall” - documentary film on the life of Howard Thurman