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Work in Schools & Camps

Annie is an outstanding songleader at schools and camps. Annie worked for over ten years in a small Quaker elementary school.

Assemblies. She has often presented educational programs that include performing & leading singing to all-school assemblies. Group singing works especially well in lower schools or in schools that have a tradition of singing together. For schools where group singing with students may not work as well then the emphasis is more on performing & sharing ideas.

Work with smaller groups. She also often works with individual classes or choruses. This may be a history class, a class working on climate change, or work with a school chorus or music class.

Themed Music Programs. Annie specializes in developing music programs around a specific educational theme. This may be a theme that the school is focusing on that academic year or it may just be a subject that fits in closely with the school's mission & values. Specific themed programs include:

  • Earthcare & climate 
  • Peace (Annie took part in the Seneca Falls Women's Encampment in the 1980's)
  • Underground RR and Freedom movement in 1950's & 60's (she is heavily involved in racial justice work)
  • The role of song in social change movements (antislavery, labor, Civil Rights, women's rights, peace)
  • Singing for fun

Partial list of school performances and workshops

Annie also enjoys doing programs at summer camps, either with themes similar to those we do in school or just fun singalongs evenings for the camp as a whole.