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composed folk England

Title Found in
Alan Bell
Bill Caddick
Billy Bragg
Coope Boyes & Simpson
Fiona Clark
Flanders & Swann
Full House
Kate Rusby
Lady Maisery
Leon Rosselson
Maggie Holland
Martyn Joseph
Nancy Kerr
Pete Morton
Peter Bellamy
Robb Johnson
Roy Bailey
Sally Barker
Sandy Denny
Sydney Carter
The Strawbs
The Young'uns
Tina McBain
Wildwood Kin
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Another Train Rise Again: Hope & Strength
p. 132
Beeswing Rise Again: Love
p. 147
Between the wars Rise Again: Peace
p. 198
Bread & Fishes
Bring Me a Boat Rise Again: Love
p. 148
Brother Sun, Sister Moon Rise Up Singing: Faith
p. 41
Buckingham Palace Rise Up Singing: Play
p. 167
Building Bridges Rise Up Singing: Sacred Rounds & Chants
p. 194
Calling Joe Hill Rise Again: Sing People Sing
p. 244
Catch the Wind Rise Up Singing: Love
p. 122
Chariots Rise Again: Peace
p. 198
The Chemical Worker's Song Rise Up Singing: Work
p. 253
Colours Rise Up Singing: Love
p. 122
Crow on the Cradle Rise Again: Peace
p. 199
Dance To Tom Paine's Bones Rise Again: Struggle
p. 253
Deep in the darkest night Rise Again: Friendship & Community
p. 84
Dimming of the Day Rise Again: Love
p. 150
Falling (Rusby) Rise Again: Love
p. 151
Fiddler's Green Rise Up Singing: Sea
p. 201
George Fox Rise Up Singing: Faith
p. 42
Grey Funnel Line Rise Up Singing: Sea
p. 202
Happiness Runs Rise Up Singing: Dreams & Fantasies
p. 29
The Hippopotamus Song Rise Up Singing: Funny Songs
p. 72
Hoppity Rise Up Singing: Play
p. 170
I Come and Stand Rise Up Singing: Peace
p. 160


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