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Supporting Musicians

Pete Seeger devoted his life to building a better world through song.  There are tons of terrific musicians carrying on Pete's work.

Over 200 musicians generously donated use of their songs to Sing Out for inclusion in Rise Up Singing, including Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Baez, Cris Williamson, Holly Near, Arlo Guthrie, Peter Yarrow and Paul Noel Stookey among many others.  

We are deeply grateful to all the musicians who submitted songs for our new songbook and sent us lyrics, chords and sources for their songs in Rise Again. Unfortunately, because we could only select 1200 out of the more than 4000 submitted songs, we were unable to include many terrific songs in the new book.

Many, many singer-songwriters travel the country singing in schools, clubs, festivals, camps, faith communities, and political events often for very little money.  Many regularly donate their music to support causes they believe in.

We strongly urge you to support these musicians in every way you can.

  • Go to their websites!
  • Buy their CDs!
  • Buy their music online! (and of course don't illegally download music)
  • Attend their concerts!
  • Organize events for them!
  • Even write them fan mail...

Wherever possible we have listed right under songs in our books the name of the composer's recording on which the song first appeared.

We have an online song database on this site called "The Music Box" with a page for each of the 2400 songs in both Rise Up Singing and Rise Again. This database also include links to the websites of all the musicians who wrote the songs in our books - as well as information in many cases to artists covering songs. In the meantime you can usually find musicians websites easily by entering their name and "music" or "singing" in a search engine.

Here are links to the websites of a couple of dozen musicians who have songs in this book who have worked closely with us and often use group singing at their concerts:

Performing Songleaders

(Most of these same musicians will be joining us on the tour celebrating the release of Rise Again.)


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