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Order Seeger songbooks in bulk

We created our the new Seeger singalong songbook, If I Had a Hammer, especially for use at events celebrating the Pete Seeger. 

We want people to be able to use these at these events, so we have discounted them heavily in bulk quantities. You can buy copies of the 6x9 saddle-stitched songbooks in bulk for only $3-5 based on quantity.

Hand out copies for use at your singalong: in our experience the large majority of those present will want to buy a copy for $5 each (or whatever you choose to ask) when they leave.

5+ copies: $5 each (33% off the list price of $7.50)  ORDER 5 songbooks (or multiples thereof)

40+ copies: $4 each (47% off list price)   ORDER a carton of 40 songbooks

100+ copies: only $3 each (60% off list price!)  ORDER a carton of 100 songbooks

New!  Inexpensive Package Specials for use in a variety of settings and for many different size groups.

--> Please do not use a "20% off" quantity discount for the above orders since these are already deeply discounted prices.

Note: Although the system for ordering online is set up for specific amounts (5, 40 or 100 copies), we are happy to fill orders at the above these prices in any quantity you need. Contact us if you need a different quantity and we will quote you a price with shipping. Email us at rasongbook@gmail.com.



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