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Chapters in Rise Again

Songs in Rise Again are grouped by chapters just as in Rise Up Singing. Chapters are arranged alphabetically, as are songs within chapters - to make it possible to quickly locate songs without needing the index in many cases.

Some chapters are the same as in Rise Up Singing, but some are different. The main change is that the new songbook has a number of new song genre chapters reflecting the inclusion of more songs from genres other than folk music. There are now whole chapters devoted to blues, country music, jazz, early rock & roll, British rock, Motown, and other US rock (including a chapter focusing on "millenial" popular songs written since 1995).

Here is the chapters in Rise Again:

  • Ballads & Old Songs (traditional songs from England, Scotland & Ireland)
  • Blues
  • British Invasion & Rock (pop & rock songs from UK & Ireland 1963-95)
  • Country
  • Dignity & Diversity (respect & rights for women, LGBT & other groups)
  • Dreams & Mystery
  • Earthcare (songs about environmental & climate issues)
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Farm & Prairie (songs about agriculture, gardening, cowboys)
  • Freedom (struggles by African Americans, Native Americans, Irish, South African & other nations & groups)
  • Friendship & Community
  • Funny Songs
  • Golden Oldies (popular songs from 1890's-1950's)
  • Good Times (dancing, partying, other pleasures)
  • Gospel & Spirituals
  • Healing & Letting Go (including songs that support those at the end of life and their families)
  • Home & Roots (including songs about immigration & exile)
  • Hope & Strength
  • Jazz & Swing
  • Love (mainly folk songs since many other chapters cover similar themes - e.g. Blues, Country, Golden Oldies, Motown)
  • Lullabies
  • Millennial Songs (popular songs written since 1995)
  • Motown and R&B
  • Musicals (Broadway, Gilbert & Sullivan, films)
  • Old-timey & Bluegrass
  • Outdoors
  • Play (songs appealing to younger children)
  • Pub Songs (rousing, a capella songs with easy refrains)
  • Rich & Poor (on economic issues - including "Occupy" songs)
  • Rock Around the Clock (early rock n' roll - to 1963)
  • Seas & Sailors
  • Sing People Sing (songwriters, musicians, singing together)
  • Struggle
  • Surfing USA (pop & rock 1963-95)
  • Times & Changes
  • Travelin'
  • Work (on labor, unions, workers' experiences including mining)
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