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New ARTIST SEARCH page in "The Music Box"!

Breaking news: An Artist / Composer Search page has just been added to "The Music Box", our online song database containing over 2500 songs.

It is located in the "Songs" section of our website at: www.riseupandsing.org/songs/artist-search

Here is how it works:

  • Enter the name of any artist who either composed a song in our database OR who recorded or performs in videos embedded in our song pages
  • It finds both individual composers (e.g. Irving Berlin), performing artists (Ella Fitzgerald), and groups (The Beatles).
  • You can search by first or last name only - or just one word for a group - e.g. "stones" will find The Rolling Stones. You can even search for part of a name - such as "MORM" will find the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  • Upper vs. lower case does not matter.
  • Our artist pages list all the songs in our Music Box that the artist composed - as well as the songs where we have linked to Youtube videos they appear on.

As of now it won't work if you actually misspell names. Our wonderful Music Box webmaster (Mark Heiman) is working on making our searches "smarter", but this is a time-consuming process. For now if you don't find the artist you're looking for, try different spellings or entering parts of the name in your search.

You can even use this Artist Search to find lists of songs on special playlists such as songs from "Sesame Street", the TV show "Glee", the "Playing for Change" website, etc. 

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