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Gift Boxes!

Give your loves ones the gift of song. Our online store is full of wonderful songbooks, CDs, and "merch".

LOTS OF NEW ITEMS! (including Rise Again mugs & "Sae Will We Yet" cards)

Check out our GIFT BOXES and discounted BUNDLES

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SUPPORT THE POST OFFICE! (shipping options)

  • There is lots of time to receive holiday gifts - especially if you choose Priority Mail as your shipping method.
  • We can ship up to 2 7x10 songbooks or several CDs in a padded flat rate envelope.
    These can also be used to ship at more reasonable rates to Canada & other locations outside the U.S. International shipping info
  • We only ship via Postal Service as a way of supporting this important service to the American people.

Buying gifts like these from us is an important way you can support our work of creating change through shared song.

Thank you!

Annie & Peter