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All songs in Rise Up Singing are now "The Music Box"

For about 2 years it has been possible to find a song page for every song in Rise Again but it was not possible to do a similar search for songs on Rise Up Singing.

Well: the wait is over!!! We have just uploaded all of the information for the songs in Rise Up Singing!

As a result, you can now:

  • enter the name of any song in either book and find out which book it is in (as well as chapter and page #)
  • play recordings via linked youtube videos to nearly all the songs in Rise Up Singing (We will be creating videos for the 50 or so songs that do not currently exist on YouTube.)
  • do searches in both books for songs of various genres (e.g. rounds, blues, early rock 'n roll) or cultures (e.g. songs in Spanish or French).
  • do searches in both books for songs composed or recorded by a given artist

For artist searches and other information go to the "Music Box" page.

Please let us know if you encounter "dead" video links on any song page and other glitches and errors in this powerful online database.


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