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This album won the Grammy for Best Traeditional Folk Album in 1997. It features Pete playing guitar accompanied by a chorus directed by Paul Haley and produced by Paul Winter. 

  1. Well May the World Go (Pete Seeger)
  2. My Rainbow Race (Pete Seeger)
  3. Huddie Ledbetter Was a Helluva Man (Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt)
  4. The Water Is Wide (trad. Scottish with new verse by Pete Seeger)
  5. All Mixed Up (Pete Seeger)
  6. Sailing Down My Golden River (Pete Seeger)
  7. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Huddie Ledbetter & The Weavers)
  8. Living in the Country (Pete Seeger)
  9. How Can I Keep from Singing (Anna Warner, adap. by Pete Seeger with new verse by Doris Plenn)
  10. Garbage (Bill Steele, with additional verse by Pete Seeger)
  11. The Spider's Webb (w: poem "Natural History" by E.B.White, set to music by Pete Seeger)
  12. Old Devil Time (Pete Seeger)
  13. Of Time & River Flowing (w: Pete Seeger, m: trad. German 16th c.)
  14. In the Evening (Leroy Carr with new verse by Pete Seeger)
  15. To Everyone in All the World (Pete Seeger)
  16. River of My People (w: Pete Seeger, m: Russian trad. folk song)
  17. Russian Song (trad.)
  18. To My Old Brown Earth (Pete Seeger)
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