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400 Years Project: Donations

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400 Years: Truth & Healing for the Next Seven Generations is an interfaith / intercommunity project of listening, connecting, and acting for justice around the onset of European colonization of Northeast Native homelands in 1620.

We invite you to make a generous donation to four important Native projects as a small, beginning act of restorative justice in response to 400 years of taking of lands and cultures from the Native peoples of our region.

Enter any amounts in the donation fields to the left and then click on "buy now" at the bottom of that column. Go to the "cart" to checkout with your credit card information.
(Note: Make 400 years donations on this page rather than as a donation during checkout. Donations there go to Annie Patterson & Peter Blood work creating social justice through music.) 

 100% of all donations made on this page will be divided equally among the following projects: 

These projects were selected in collaboration with Rhonda Anderson, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs of Western Massachusetts.
Details at: interfaithamherst.org/400-years-fundraising

There be will be a free virtual gathering on Sunday, Oct. 18th 2:00 pm broadcast live on YouTube.
(It will also be available to watch later on YouTube using the same link youtu.be/bvDOOmNfRrU)
Details on Oct. 18th program are at interfaithamherst.org/400-years-program


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