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Ray Repp

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Repp (1942-2020) was an American Roman Catholic singer songwriter, who played a central role in introducting folk music into Catholic masses. He was a central actor in the "folk mass" movement that grew out of the Second Vatican Council held 1962-65 - the source of sweeping changes in the Catholic Church, called by Pope John XXIII. 

Repp wrote: "Latin philosophy and theology textbooks could hardly hold my attention from the books of my new heroes: Deikmann, Davis, Jungman. I was writing music at the same time, usually secretly in my small seminary room. But liturgical music? The thought never crossed my mind. If my music hadn't been officially banned in dozens of U.S. dioceses, it probably would never have caught on. My songs were written out of my frustrations then at seeing little concern for the neglected Hispanics and Blacks in Utah, not only by Mormons but my own affluent Catholics." Repp added, "If our music is to praise God, it can only do so by helping to change us and our communities into more sensitive, loving, and just human beings."

article on Repp's influence: https://catholicsensibility.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/on-ray-repp/

Obit: https://www.praytellblog.com/index.php/2020/05/01/folk-mass-music-pioneer-ray-repp-dies-at-77/

His music publisher is F.E.L. Church Publications.

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