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Peter Paul & Mary

Song Videos

All Mixed Up
All My Trials RUS: Lullabies p. 130
All The Pretty Little Horses RUS: Lullabies p. 130
Ballad of Springhill RUS: Mountain p. 142
Bamboo RUS: Travel p. 229
Because All Men Are Brothers RUS: Unity p. 238
Best Friend (Unicorn Song) RUS: Dreams p. 27
Blowin' In the Wind RUS: Hope p. 115
Brother Can You Spare a Dime? RUS: Rich p. 180
Cherry Tree Carol RUS: Ballads p. 9
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies RUS: Ballads p. 9
Come and Go with Me RUS: Hope p. 115
The Cruel War Is Raging RUS: Peace p. 159
Day Is Done RUS: Lullabies p. 131
Le deserteur RA: Peace p. 200
Dodi Li RUS: Love p. 123
Don't think twice, it's all right RA: Love p. 151
Early in the morning RA: Faith p. 52
Early Morning Rain RUS: Travel p. 232
Eddystone Light RUS: Funny p. 71
Five Hundred Miles RUS: Travel p. 232
For Baby / For Bobby RUS: Home p. 108
Forever young RA: Time p. 270
The Fox RUS: Play p. 168
Freight Train RUS: Travel p. 233
Friendly Beasts RUS: Faith p. 42
Garden Song RUS: Farm p. 52
Give Yourself to Love RUS: Hope p. 115
Going to the Zoo RUS: Play p. 169
Golden Vanity RUS: Sea p. 201
The Great Storm Is Over RUS: Hope p. 116
Green Green Rocky Road RUS: Play p. 169
Greenland Fisheries RUS: Sea p. 202
Have you been to jail for justice? RA: Struggle p. 255
Hey Ho Nobody Home RUS: Rounds p. 189
Home is Where the Heart Is RA: Dignity p. 29
I Know an Old Lady RUS: Play p. 171
If I Had a Hammer RUS: Struggle p. 215
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine RUS: Time p. 225
The Last Thing On My Mind RUS: Love p. 125
Leavin' on a jet plane RA: Travel p. 279
Light One Candle RUS: Faith p. 43
Lily of the West RA: Ballads p. 5
Little Brown Dog RUS: Dreams p. 29
Man Come Into Egypt RUS: Freedom p. 62
Marvelous Toy RUS: Play p. 174
Michael Row the Boat Ashore RUS: Freedom p. 62
Motherless Child RUS: Hard p. 103
No Easy Walk to Freedom RUS: Freedom p. 62
O Come Emmanuel RUS: Faith p. 46
Pack Up Your Sorrows RUS: Friendship p. 67
Pastures of Plenty RUS: Farm p. 55
A Place in the Choir RUS: Unity p. 241
Polly Vaughn (Von) RA: Ballads p. 6
Power RUS: Ecology p. 37
Puff (The Magic Dragon) RUS: Play p. 175
Riding in My Car RUS: Play p. 175
Right field RA: Family p. 67
Rising of the Moon RUS: Struggle p. 218
Shule aroon RA: Peace p. 204
Somos el Barco RUS: Unity p. 242
Stewball RUS: America p. 4
There But For Fortune RUS: Rich p. 186
This Land Is Your Land RUS: America p. 5
This Train RUS: Gospel p. 97
The three ravens RA: Ballads p. 7
The Times They Are a-Changin' RUS: Struggle p. 219
Tramp On the Street RUS: Rich p. 186
Walls RA: Healing p. 125
Wasn't That a Time RUS: Struggle p. 220
We Shall Overcome RUS: Freedom p. 63
Weave Me the Sunshine RUS: Hope p. 120
When the Ship Comes In RUS: Struggle p. 220
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? RUS: Peace p. 165
Whiskey in the jar RA: Pub p. 222
Woman At the Well RUS: Spirituals p. 213
You Gotta Go Down RUS: Work p. 261