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Song list 9/21/20

  1. High on a Mountain  by Olla Belle Reed

  2. Sister  RUS p.250 by Cris Williamson

  3. Fight Back  RUS p 245  by Holly Near

  4. National Anthem (Arise! Arise!)  RA p.133 in C by Jean Rohe

  5. Ella's song  RA p.63 by Bernice Johnson Reagon

  6. For The Mothers  RA p.28 by Betsy Rose

  7. Cook With Honey  RUS p.107 by Valerie Carter

  8. Circle Game  RUS p. in C by Joni Mitchell

  9. Silken Dreams  RA p.286 in C by Anne Hills

  10. Blame It on Your Heart  RA p.20 rec by Patty Loveless

  11. No Hole In My Head  RUS p.249 by Malvina Reynolds

  12. Give Yourself To Love RUS p.115 in G Capo 3  by Kate Wolf

  13. I’m Gonna Lift My Sister Up in A by Rose Faye Toure

Faya Ora Rose Touré (born Rose Gaines in 1945) is an American civil rights activist and lawyer. She was the first black female judge in Alabama.

In 2003, she changed her name from Rose Sanders to Faya Touré, a West African name. In 2009, she resigned as the volunteer president of the National Voting Rights Museum, which she founded. She coordinates the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee to mark the anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

  1. World in Their Pocket RA p.230 by Malvina Reynolds

  2. Your House Is Strong  RA p.68 sung by The Nields

  3. We Were There   RA p.287 in A by Bev Grant