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Labor Day concert set-list (9/7/20)

Video on Facebook Live of this Labor Day 2020 online concert.

Cotton Mill Girls  RUS  p.254 (Hedy West)

Working Girl Blues  RUS p.261  (Hazel Dickens)

Don’t Put Her Down  RA p.28 (Hazel Dickens)

Lonesome Valley  RUS p.44  (Woody Guthrie)

Pastures of Plenty  RUS p.55  (Woody Guthrie)

Roll the Union On  RUS p.258 (John Handcox & Lee Hays)

Millworker  RUS p.257  (James Taylor - from the musical based on the book Working by Studs Terkel)

Custom-made Woman Blues  RUS p.245  (Alice Gerrard)

Shuttle & Loom (Si Kahn - from the Joe Jencks album "Forgotten")

Joe Hill  RUS p.256 (Alfred Hayes & Earl Robinson)

Bread & Roses  RUS p.245 (poem by James Oppenheim, setting by Mimi Fariña)

I Shall Be Released  RUS p.102  (Bob Dylan)


Plus songs we didn't get to:

Silken Dreams  RA p.286  (Anne Hills)

All the Weary Mothers of the Earth  RUS p.114 (Joan Baez)

Aragon Mill RUS p.252  (Si Kahn) 
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