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Family concert set list 8/24/20

Here's a link to the video of this concert on our Facebook music page.

The songs from this concert were mainly favorites from Rise Up Singing.

Cluck Old Hen in Rise Again p.186 (traditional Appalachian banjo tune)

Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven RUS p.6 (John Prine)

Big Yellow Taxi RUS p.34 (Joni Mitchell) in D

The Power & the Glory RUS p.3 (Phil Ochs)

Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies RUS p.9

My Rambling Boy RUS p.66 (Tom Paxton)

Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon RUS p.31 (Greg Brown)

It’s All Right to Cry RUS p.66 (Carol Hall - from the “Free to Be You & Me” rec)

I’m My Own Grandpa RUS p.72

With a Little Help from My Friends RUS p.68 Beatles songs

Walk Shepherdess Walk RUS p.33

Which Side Are You On? RUS p.268 - and If I Had a Hammer p.48 (Florence Reece)

We Were There in Rise Again p.287 (Bev Grant) ratification of 19th amendment

My Rainbow Race RUS p.36 - and IIHH p.29 (by Pete Seeger)