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Resources on working with white children on racism

Wee the People https://www.weethepeopleboston.org/  Their mission:

  • INSPIRE children to notice injustice and discover the power of their own voices
  • EXPLORE traditions of resistance and protest through the arts
  • SUPPORT adults in opening difficult conversations -- with kids and with each other --  about difference, equity and justice

Upcoming Wee The People virtual workshops:

Great video from PBS livestream June 9th! With Will Toliver, Jamal Berry, Dr Rene WIlson-Simmons, Dana WInters https://youtu.be/dq6McHf8iO4 

Resources for Parents around talking about anti racism 

Author Jamar Tisby on Atlantic  (video about talking about race with kids):

Crayola Colors of the Qorld:

Safe Space Radio  
Includes PDF of tips and strategies for parents plus discussion guide

National Geographic article.

Raising White Kids: Bringing up children in a racially unjust America by Jennifer Harvey.

NPR Interview with Jennifer Harvey

Songs on racism (and some to avoid): https://www.riseupandsing.org/freedom