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Annie & Peter - editors & songleaders

Short Bio: Annie & Peter have played a central role in creating a singing movement in North America and abroad with their songbooks Rise Up Singing and Rise Again. Together, they have made it their lifelong mission to help create change for peace & justice through song. Annie is a singer-songwriter, vocal coach and jazz vocalist. Peter divides his time with music, leading workshops and doing interfaith work for racial and climate justice.

Long Bio: Annie & Peter have played a central role in helping to create a quiet revolution of group singing in the U.S. and Canada.  They have spent decades honing their skills as performers and songleaders in schools, churches, conferences, folk song clubs and festivals across the U.S. and abroad.  Groups in all these settings have treasured their uncanny ability to choose songs that are fun and inspiring, teach songs to groups of all ages, and engage audiences in spirited group singing in spite of any reservations they might have had.

In 1988 they used their songleading experience to create a completely unique song collection entitled Rise Up Singing: The Group Singing Songbook.  This songbook contains a wonderful mix of 1200 songs from Beatles to Broadway, from gospel to carols, and from kids songs to songs of peace and justice.  A true underground best-seller, the collection has sold over a million copies since its publication. The late Pete Seeger said that their songbook has made "a qualitative difference in music in America."  Joan Baez has called their book "a true treaure!"  Author Studs Terkel called it "the best, most exhilarating history of the United States: a singing history!"  A songbook sequel entitled Rise Again with words & chords to 1200 more songs was published by Hal Leonard Music in 2015.

When many schools in America cut back on their music programs, hundreds of community groups began getting together regularly for monthly sings using Blood & Pattersons' songbooks.  Churches, schools, camps and social change groups use the books to build community, have fun and teach values around peace and a better world.  

Annie is a solo folk performer, old timey banjo enthusiast and jazz vocalist, performing with the swing band Girls from Mars.  Annie's recordings include: “Meet Me by the Moonlight” (2006), “Mountain Side” (2011), "Make Your Move" (4 song Jazz & Blues EP 2018), "Fearless, Celebrating Women Singers" with Mary Witt (2020) and 2 swing records with Girls From Mars. 

Peter currently divides his time doing songbook, social justice and interfaith work. He edited Pete Seeger’s autobiography, Where Have All the Flowers Gone.

In addition to traveling through out North America, Annie & Peter have taken their songleading to New Zealand, Hawaii and Great Britain.  They accompany their songs with guitars, banjo, mandolin, autoharp, African drum and pennywhistle.  For more information on Annie & Peter and their work, visit their website www.riseupandsing.org